Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MSB3326 "Cannot import the following key file: ."

Due to restrictions, I'm limited in some of the things I'm allowed to post, so these updates will be less frequent than before... which isn't saying too much.

In any case, I bumped into a new problem: MSB3326 "Cannot import the following key file: ."

Where is the key file?  Why is it blank?  I know I'd deployed the key and everything was fine prior, so what was the big deal?

What this means is that it cannot access the key file -- maybe you're like me and have to use an alternative administrative account for building and keys and the like.  So, I had to manually open certmgr.msc as the same administrator that was building the project.

After that -- all was pie in the sky.  Things work, life is good, and finally there is an answer to this horrific question.

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