Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SharePoint Warmup Script

Disclaimer: This is an old post, which I am migrating from my old blog, for the sake of preserving it.  It originally was posted on October, 14, 2008.

A colleague of mine was discussing that after an iisreset/deployment to SharePoint, it’s pretty common that one needs to refresh/warm-up all of the possible URLs that may be accessed. Since SharePoint does caching of pages and the like, we can secretly (like a ninja) ping our destination with VBScript/Windows Scripting. Sound complicated? Hardly. Even more, I’ll make it very simple for you — just copy and paste the following script (like a ninja), and then adjust it to your needs:
'SharePoint Warmup Script
'Create new object to ping URLs
Dim BaseURL
Dim NewURL

BaseURL = "http://my.sharePoint.installation/sites/mySiteCollection/"
NewURL = ""

Dim Ping
Set Ping = CreateObject( "Microsoft.XMLHTTP" )

'If we don't have capability to access the XML/AJAX Object, break out
if Err.Number <> 0 Then wscript.Quit
'Start attempting to open the following URLs:

'Copy/paste the code below for several different sites/subsites/collections.
'Base Portal Dashboard
NewURL = BaseURL & "" 'Enter your new extension of the main URL
wscript.Echo "Pinging: " & NewURL
Ping.Open "GET", NewURL, False

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